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Bayside – a large port town on Kepsfinger Bay
Hawkshome – a small village near Darkwood Forest
Lizardfolk Village – a large village populated by lizardfolk
True Elf Village – a small village at the nothwestern base of Father’s Knuckle.


Baik Telor – human rescued from the Rahib’s dungeons
Hasan – rescued from the Rahib’s dungeons
Hiya a’Lethi – elf priestess
Mortheor – dwarf innkeeper in the lizardfolk village
Rahasia – beautiful elf woman captured by the Rahib
The Rahib – beguiler of minds, kidnapper of elf maidens
Ular-Taman – the dragon guard
Yelliss – lizardfolk bowyer
Zelthiss of the Vine – lizardfolk druidess

The Method – the arcane order
Virtue of the Heart – a religio-scientific humanitarian organization
House Helboris – a noble house of which Avandros is a member

The kingdom of the Dunn
Elves – very very rough
Gnomes and halflings – also very rough

Life in Dunnsoil
Dunn Calendar
The world of Dunnsoil
Dragon, Dunnsoil’s moon
Intelligent Races

Ascended Types

The Game
Variant Rules Cheat Sheets

Main Page

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