Bedruan the Huntsman

young bounty hunter


Bedruan grew up in a small town outside Polintar with his mother. His father was a successful bounty hunter who traveled extensively, hunting the bounties that his family lived on. While his father was away, Bedruan’s mother became deathly ill and died before he got any word from his father . . .
Bedruan’s father was found crushed by a landslide a few days after he set out to catch another fugitive. Bedruan took his father’s gear, coin and horse an headed away from the unwelcoming townsfolk.

after months of living alone, Bedruan had spent almost all of his father’s money. He had few prospects on the horizon and was considering selling his father’s prized crossbow, when he noticed a bounty posting outside a way side in.

Bedruan the Huntsman

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