Virtue of the Heart

Symbol: A shattered sword scattered with white moonflowers on a red heart.

Background, Goals and Dreams: In a world dominated by home remedy, with divine magic hardly accessible to all walks of life, the Virtue of the Heart stepped in with distilled herbal medicines and complex surgeries, called true medicine. Distrusted and nicknamed “poisoners” and “cutters,” most avoided members of the Virtue, even in the most extreme circumstances, preferring to rely on the remedies that have served and failed the lower classes for generations. However, a relation or acquaintance healed of the deadly Shadowpox or a complete healing of a lethal infection was sufficient to turn the people to trust the Virtue with their medical needs.

During the recent war, the Virtue of the Heart were a voice for peace and diplomacy, in favor of seeking resolution with the Aggressor with minimal bloodshed. Eventually, their demonstrations forced the government to take steps, and they were banned from the capital. Setting up camps beyond the walls, the Virtue continued to work their healing arts to the refugees and injured soldiers marching back home. Many of their new members have been recruited from the army, and accusations of accepting and hiding deserters were levied against the organization. However, such crimes are difficult to prove in the chaos of war, and the charges were eventually dropped.

After the Great Push, the Virtue was the first organization to volunteer to provide aid to the Exodus. Hundreds of their members were among the twenty thousand refugees, prospectors, aid workers and adventurers that journeyed south the reclaim the Lost Lands. The Second Exodus has seen dozens more journey as well, to supplement the current membership aiding the resettlement.

Members: Initiates into the Virtue, called Virtues following their initial training, choose one of two paths of study: the Path of Peace or the Path of Healing. Virtues of Peace focus on diplomacy and conflict resolution, and they consist of both the face and protective arm of the Virtue of the Heart. Many former soldiers choose the Path of Peace, using their training for the protection of their brethren. The Virtues of Healing focus on alchemy and healing, wielding the true medicine to the greatest effect. Virtues of both paths develop a basic understanding of diplomacy and true medicine, and focus on improving their respective skills while following their Paths.

Virtues showing loyalty, ability and leadership are eventually raised to the rank of Order. Orders generally oversee several dozen virtues of the same path. Complex surgery or guild disputes mediation are generally handled by Orders and not Virtues. Orders of Peace often oversee the day to day needs of a camp of relief workers, including logistics and military presence, allowing the Orders of Healing to focus on the intricacies of their own Path.

Only the best among the Orders are raised to the rank of Servant and oversee several hundred virtues. In addition, depending on Path, they perform medical research and handle larger scale diplomatic resolutions between nobles or the largest of guilds and organizations if the Virtue’s presence is requested. In addition, the Council of Servants votes on organization policy and direction. Servant Yup of Peace currently oversees the aid projects within the Lost Lands.

The head of the Virtue of the Heart is called the Servant of Virtue. The current holder of this position is a human named Servant Thelemos Glift of Virtue. The Servant of Virtue possesses veto power in the council and provides internal arbitration among members of the organization. At one time, Glift had the ear of the king, but, since the accusations of aiding deserters, the ruler has become deaf to his advice. Servant Glift remains at the organizations headquarters outside the capital walls.

Type: Temple

Scale: 11 (approximately 3000 members)

Virtue of the Heart

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