The Method

Symbol: A rolled, white scroll marked with blue arcane lettering upon a red and blue flame.

Background, Goals and Dreams: Within weeks of the initial empire’s creation, laws were set down to restrict the study and use of magic. At the time, the possibility of hedge wizards wielding godlike powers was not conducive to a cohesive empire. Instead, the emperor gathered the greatest wizards from among his people and encouraged them to form an organization to encourage collaborative study and affect control of misunderstood powers. Thus, the Method was formed.

Initially created as a mages’ school within the capital walls, eventually the organization was shifted outside the city limits at an imperial request. There a campus of no less than a dozen buildings was created to oversee the schooling of powerful magic users. As the city expanded, the school moved further away, the entire campus disappearing and reappearing several miles away. Over time, satellite schools sprung up across the countryside, where younger pupils began their magical studies.

In order to proceed to advanced studies, novice wizards must be approved for acceptance into the Method. Most magic users do not have access to the type of advanced materials to learn and cast even a fireball. Wizards who proceed without Method membership are considered renegades and are apprehended or even executed on sight.

Necromancy and enchantment magic is highly regulated within the Method. While not exactly against the rules, those who use such magical powers are generally ostracized by other members.

Members: Not every wizard is a Method wizard. Only those choosing to pursue advanced studies. Within the organization, wizards who maintain a moderate understanding of magic without joining the order are termed “dabblers.” It is only when dabblers proceed beyond basic magical study that they are considered renegade.

Wizards newly inducted into the order enter a year long probationary period. These wizards, or “novices” are generally scrutinized closely. The criteria necessary to remain a member is a closely guarded secret, unknown to those even higher in the order, therefore, novices generally tread very lightly.

After the probationary period, novices are simply considered Method wizards with access to the organizations libraries and the right to request access to spellbooks of their peers (who are under no obligation to grant it). Method wizards are expected to continue the study of magic and report findings to the primary location. In general, wizards are left alone to their studies.

Every two years the members of the order are invited to participate in an arcane council when various decisions on the future of the organization are made. Such councils are rarely well attended. The amount of clout each member has in regards to various motions presented is relative to his magical prowess.

Type: Arcane Order

Scale: 11 (approximately 1100 members)

The Method

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