Common languages:

Dunn – the common tongue (all PCs receive for free)
Elven – spoken by various wandering elven tribes in the Kingdom of Dunn (all elf and half-elf PCs receive for free)
Dwarven – spoken by dwarven communities (all Dwarf PCs receive for free)
Poli – language of the free city of Polintar
Dwindle – language of the free city of Dewdwinnin
Khemmer – language of the nomadic peoples of the Khemmiss Wastes
Trade – language used in black market deals, among mercenaries and often among thieves, a combination of the above languages

Uncommon languages: (requires 13 in Intelligence or Bard to learn)

Ancient – pre-Empire, considered a dead language but spoken by lizardfolk and giants
High Elven – language of the elves of Dragon Rest
Lowtongue – language of the gnomes and halflings of Dragon Rest
Sylvan – the languages of several fey creatures

Academic languages: (requires 16 in Intelligence to learn Clerics and Paladins learn 1 for free)
Abyssal – Demons
Celestial – good outsiders
Infernal – Devils


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