Intelligent Races

Civilized Races

Humans – Humans make up a significant percentage of the overall population in Dunnsoil, especially in the kingdom of Dunn.

Dwarfs – Dwarfs live among humans, but are still uncommon. An individual in an average sized Dunn community might expect to see only a few dozen dwarfs in their lifetime. Dwarf communities exist in foothills of the Dunnish mountain ranges and often trade with nearby human cities.

Brown Elves – Brown skinned elves are far rarer than Dwarfs. Elves in Dunn general form wandering caravans, moving from town to town. Even so, the arrival of elves is generally consider an remarkable occurrence, generally drawing large crowds.

Half-Elves – Slightly more common than elves, half-elves are usually descended from elves who left their people to dwell among humans.

True Elves – Black skinned True Elves live on the Dragonrest Islands and are rarely seen. Most individuals never see a True Elf during their lifetime though they do travel to Dunn from time to time.

Gnomes & Halflings – On Dragonrest, gnomes and halflings are enslaved by the True Elves. On Dunn, where slavery is illegal, most gnomes and halflings occupy vocations shunned by the human population. It is common to find gnome and halfling servants with Brown Elf caravans. A high frequency of multiple child pregnancies means there are a moderate number of halflings and gnomes in major cities, but they are far rarer in smaller towns and villages.

Uncivilized Races

Lizardmen and kobolds – independent tribes of lizardmen and kobolds populate the wild areas, rarely venturing into populated areas for peaceful matters. Attempts to root out the populations close to urban areas have been mostly unsuccessful.

Giants – various races of giants live alone or in groups in the mountain ranges of Dunn.

Extraordinary Races

Demons – not native to Dunn, some wizards summon demons to gain knowledge or power. The Method frowns upon demonic summoning.

Dragons – no dragons exist on Dunnsoil

Goblinoids – no goblinoid races exist on Dunnsoil

Orcs – no orcs exist on Dunnsoil

Intelligent Races

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