Ancient ruins in the empire contain evidence of an elven civilization on the continent, but during the common era the elven foothold on the mainland is miniscule. In fact, even records of the initial rise of man and of the Prime Imperium suggest no elven presence in all of the continent. Whatever exodus caused the elves and their kin to retreat to the islands is a secret lost to time.

On the islands, elves and elvenkind (gnomes and halflings) coexist in relatively peace during the common era. This was not always so. Up until the Feykind Accord twenty five years ago, gnomes and halflings lived as slaves to the “more sophisticated” elves. Twenty-five years is no time to such long-lived races, and even now old habits die hard.

The elves are ruled by the Queen Consort. Heredity passes through a male line. Upon coming of age, the crown prince is tasked with selecting for marriage a woman of worth from among the merchant or skilled trade classes. Once the current monarch dies or, more often, steps down, the new Queen Consort takes power, with the Crown Prince assuming an advisory role.

At times, princes will attempt to take advantage of this tradition by selection simple women from the available pool with the intent of pulling their puppet strings. The father of the current King, Tolomos, attempted such a feat 50 years ago when marrying Betra, a woodcarver’s daughter. His attempts to control his wife were in vain, as she proved to be a woman of strong character.

Frustrated with his inability to control his wife, he manufactured crimes committed under his wife’s name in an attempt to ensure her execution. However, the public favored her, and she was instead exiled to the continent. Many members of the elf nation loved her enough, that they followed her. She was granted the elven forests by the humans to set up as her own. There she founded the new, albeit small, free elven kingdom, and her steps towards equality spurred the events that eventually lead to the liberation of gnomes and halflings in all elven nations. She rules there still.

Holmis is the current king of the elven kingdoms, with Weshyl the Queen Consort, a powerful and intelligent ruler.


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