Seth Vanstel



Seth Vanstel grew up an orphan scraping by and living beneath the Bayside Docks. For fun Seth would run daringly through the pylons dodging waves and debris all the while. One day he collided hard with a tall man, closely shaven, and well-dressed. After a few sharp blows to the face, Felish Montador grabbed Seth and dragged him to one of his stables. Montador, a corrupt vice treasurer required a courier swift of foot and…expendable. Seth fit the bill and lived in the stable for a few years before saving enough for a small apartment. He was discrete and dependable. Soon Seth’s job description grew and so did the pay. Stealing, roughing up men, and security detail began. Finally, the day before Seth’s 18th birthday Felish Montador summoned him. Felish asked Seth to kill a man who happened to be in jail. A known rapist, this man was in and out of the Bayside jail on a regular basis for public intoxication. One of his victim’s daughter’s happens to be a close business associate of Felish and he needs a favor. Seth, shaken refused to kill anyone for money and stormed out. Felish shouted an ultimatum. Either pick up a sword or never return.

Seth came back, with two swords. Business was good for Seth until Felish asked him to kidnap a sick child…upon his refusal Seth was replaced and now needs a new direction…

Seth Vanstel

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