Second Exodus

You Do Not Belong Here

or Rock 'em, sock 'em roustabouts

Mercsmonth the 12th

Dawn brings the Festival of the Merchant and the scheduled bare-knuckled boxing match. William the Horseman handled his fight almost surgically, awarded the decision without absorbing a punch. The second bout of the day featured Bonner Halmest, champion for 3 consecutive years and working on a fourth as he literally crushed the skull of his opponent.

The bouts ended for the morning, Avandros sought out Marsember to inform him of the demise of Westel the lighthouse keeper. In addition, the wizard spoke of the shrine beneath the promontory on which the lighthouse is located. Marsember assured his friend of an audience with the Lord-Mayor once the festival is completed.

Meanwhile, Blunderbore and Murgle headed to the dockworker’s tenements to seek out a thief to help with some of the traps in the shrine. A conversation with a bartender in the shit I forgot the name Tavern connected the two adventurers to a young thief named Jewels, whom they promised a full share of loot.

Accompanied by their new ally, the adventuring party returned to the shrine. An investigation of the “v” shaped hallway in the lower level revealed a secret door. Triggering the door was simple, and it opened into a room full of strangely featured skeletons with flat foreheads and large lower incisors. Weakened by Murgle’s prayer, they were no match for the heroes.

Ignoring the obvious door to the south, the party instead entered a cracked open secret door to the north. The large room was filled with two massive bullheaded skeletons who proved to be much more difficult than the smaller skeletons. An investigation of that room revealed a secret door to the east as well as a normal door. The normal door was trapped, however, and resulted in the destruction of some of Jewel’s thieves tools. The secret door was trapped as well and caused Jewel’s to run screaming from the shrine. Not to be dissuaded, Bluderbore attempted to open the door, successfully, but he also felt a vile curse descend upon him.

Within the secret door, the adventurers discovered a bedroom guarded by a wraith-like creature that devoured light itself. The creature warned them that their presence was unwelcome before succumbing to the combine onslaught of the group. In the bedroom, they discovered a few special items.

Wounded and tired, the party left the shrine at this point to find rest in the lighthouse.


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