Second Exodus

The Witches Finale

we came through the portal and saw the witches disappearing through the curtain at the far end . . .

one of the witches (Sylva) summoned the panther creature to kill us as we came through the curtain. Septimus and Baik kill the panther while Bedruan chases the witches. The kitchen Witch charges him with a whirling scimitar to no effect. Sylva casts a spell at B but it is defeated by the amulet’s protections.

Then Rahasia finishes her spell and three hell hounds leap from the floor. Two are rebuffed by the amulet but the third cooks B with its breath . . . B puts the Merissa down with a maimed arm . . . the party then proceeded to beat the hell out of the hounds . . . We then charged down the hall after the witches and were accosted by 5 orcs? then the Witch Sylva reappeared and put Baik and one of the orcs to sleep.

We slowly cut our way through the orcs, though Baik was sorely wounded, and surrounded Sylva. Then Tywin clubbed her her down with his mace. We left Baik above to handle the witches and pressed on.

We headed back down into the depths and found Hiya/Rahasia in the southern room through the archway. Tywin charged her but was turned to a statue of platinum. Septimus moved to flank her while Renfrow and I fired arrows into her. Eventually she was wounded so badly that Septimus could finally stuff her in a pillow case. we then get the orb from the cieling . . .

we go to the obelisk and place the gem in the depression, empowering it. we then returned the gem to the dragon statue several rooms over and placed it back into the eye. the possessed women shrieked as the witches were deprived of their possession. Tywin was returned to life and generally all the vile magics ceased. except I was still horribly cursed. gotta do something about that.

. . . back to the world.

we came back to the elf village and had a celebrtion. then we went back to the lizard men boats and found all the lizard men killed, evidently by centaurs. We let the elves take care of the bodies and headed down river. We found the lizard-man village destroyed by a hobgoblin army. everyone apparently was dead, including Hiya. When we found her body, Rahasia, who had come with us placed a magic stone into the lantern Hiya carried. There was a FLASH and we found ourselves back in a forest. Rahasia was still with us. acting on a hunch, we headed towards the rivfer (at least where wew thought it would be) and discovered the road to Bayside. That’s where we are now.


Lotofsnow Ryk

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