Second Exodus

New Allies; New Threats

Emerging from the ruined castle, the party is confronted by several squads of lizardfolk warriors. Unlike the reptilians with which they were familiar, these creatures seem friendly enough and, dare I say it, nearly civilized. The lizardfolk leader insists the party accompany them back to their village. Vastly outnumbered, the party sees no choice but to agree. However, once the lizardfolk lay eyes on Hiya, the warriors become instantly more amicable, referring to the True Elf as some sort of Chosen One.

The trip to the lizardfolk village takes less than a day, mostly by water. The party is led to a tor in the center of the village, upon which they meet Zelthiss of the Vine, a druidess and apparent leader of the lizardfolk. This druidess, members of the party realize, was the same who led the group of lizardfolk that ambushed the wool cart on the road to Hawkshome. Zelthiss is quite interested in how the party arrived to this unfamiliar land and suggests that it is according to a Lizardfolk prophecy. She offers the party lodging for their stay in the village.

The party determines to seek out the Rahasia indicated in the letter they found in the dead elf’s belongings. They acquire a boat to take them back north, past the ruined castle and beyond Father’s Knuckle. An uneventful journey brings the party to a small village near the base of Father’s Knuckle, or Grey Mountain, is it is referred to locally. They meet Rahasia, who is inexplicably identical to Hiya, but is not deaf. They agree to aid her in saving father and betrothed, as well as the Siswa monks who are under the mind control powers of the evil Rahib. They descend into the temple and face down several of the Siswa, who attack without provocation. The party overcomes their onslaught with ease.


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