Second Exodus

More Allies; More Threats

or Resetting needle traps is probably not hygienic

The adventurers continue their exploration of the chambers of the Siswa, and in the process find a sleeping elf, snuggling his sack full of odds and ends, on one of the woven mats. The elf introduces himself as Hapgood and claims to be hallucinating, which is probably true. Searches of the rest of the curtained chambers reveal a trapped chest that shoots a poisoned dart into poor Renfro Gripa, knocking him senseless for a few surprisingly jovial and not at all tense seconds. The newcomer searches among the discarded needles, searching for some with poison intact. Unfortunately for the DM, he finds one.

The party, disguised as Siswa, engages a pair of actual Siswa, defeating them easily. Then, realizing they had neglected a doorway, they proceed back and enter the Siswa’s dining room. Perplexed by strange writing stating “Enter” and “Exit” on two alcoves, the party steps into the one labeled “Enter,” and nothing happens. Proceeding to the other alcove, they enter, one by one, and reappear a half day away in a garbage heap in the middle of a small bog.

Working their way back to the temple, they party passes through the Elf Village where they learn that Rahasia never returned from escorting them to the temple. Hurriedly, the party returns to the temple and enters through the front door. Traveling through a small sanctuary, the party proceeds down a long hallway into, apparently, another teleportation portal. Emerging from the hallway before them is a massive cube of ooze. An attempt to retreat back through the portal falls, apparently they are one-way only. Regardless, the party is able to successfully defeat the cube without being engulfed and digested.


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