Second Exodus

Like Lambs to the Slaughter

or Hand hand hand hand jobbed

Puddles of cube oozing into the paving stones behind them, the party explores a doorway leading into a cavernous central chamber. A massive statue looms over an alter on a raised area of the chamber. Behind the alter, a black robed, hooded figure burns incense. Despite is mediation, he notices the party’s approach (most notably, Bedruan the Huntsman), and disappears in a flash of light and a puff of smoke. Almost immediately, the statue behind the alter rumbles and quakes, plaster crumbling off large segments to reveal a skeletal, four-armed giant. That monstrosity pursues the party from the room, but they fail to escape unscathed, as Bedruan takes a significant blow from the creature during the rout. As soon as the party fled the room, the giant skeleton returned to its inert position behind the alter, now standing in the ruins of the statue.

Unperturbed, the party continues their exploration of the corridors, reluctant to enter any alcoves for fear of being teleported to an unknown destination. Before long, yet another gelatinous cube is drawn toward the adventurers. In an attempt to pit foe vs. foe, Bedruan lures the cube back into the large chamber, hoping to again draw the bone golem’s ire and perhaps trick it into stepping within the cube itself. Unfortunately, despite the bounty hunter’s best efforts, he remains unable to trigger the giant.

Hapgood is far more lucky in that endeavor. As the alchemist stands before the altar, the golem once again springs to life, descending upon the hapless elf and striking him to the ground. Bedruan sprints across the room, grabs Hapgood by the collar, and drags him from the chamber before the giant can strike the killing blow. Through the arcane arts of Renfro, the alchemist is stabilized, but hardly mobile. The party realizes that perhaps the Siswa robes everyone but Hapgood is wearing serve as sufficient disguises to approach the bone golem.

Bedruan tests the theory, and confirms it. He discovers a trapdoor beneath the alter and scouts ahead into an octagonal chamber. Therein, he encounters the spirit of Rahasia’s father who speaks of his death by the Rahib’s hand, of allies in the Dragon Guard and Hasan, and of an even darker evil of which the Rahib is merely a pawn.

Bedruan returns, collects the party, and (using Renfro’s magic) makes Hapgood invisible long enough to bring him past the bone golem. Investigation of the chambers below discovers the Rahib’s study, as well as a secret door to his private chambers. Two black panthers in the bedroom attack, and the party defeats them easily. However, Hapgood the elf, who had remained in the safety of the octagonal room, is discovered dead, his head crushed. Who could have done such a foul deed? A slight stirring of the air brings the faintest hint of Rahasia’s father’s voice, “The Rahiiiib.”

With no way to determine which way the murder fled, the party continues their exploration of the lower levels rooms. In doing so, they are acquainted with a new ally, Ular-Taman, the dragon serpent guarding of the wizard Elyas’s tower. Seeing that he party is of relatively good heart and mind, he relates the story of the tower and of the three witches imprisoned there. In addition, he gifts to the party a black jade ring, and explains that it must be combined with Rahasia’s father’s pendent in order to truly defeat the witch sisters. Beyond the dragon guard lies a tunnel into Elyas’s tower.

The party returns to the octagonal room and explores the dungeons to the south. Within the cells, they find yet more allies to their cause of freeing Rahasia and the other maidens: Hasan, Rahasia’s betrothed; Baik Telor, a human fighter from desert lands; and an unnamed elven cavalier.


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