Second Exodus

Gavin Tries to TPK us

Will “I shove Ryk in the Way”
Ryk “That’s why you’re such a horrible Paladin.”

big buddha statue w/ plaque: “I judge by taste”
it drank the Grape Mash No. 3 and the southern portcullis opened.

“Never split the party!”

R and W went through 1

the James’s went to 2
—> teleported to arena attacked by skeletons

Jim “Shit I know what I should have done.”
Ryk “What? trip James and run away?”
Gavin “1, 3, 3 . . .this is not the way to TPK
Gavin “What is this Remedial Combat?!”

We found the monty python obelisk

Rahasia is through the earth temple (south)
Merissa has been possessed by Karelena the witch
Way to fix possession:
-get the black dragon’s eye
-beware tricks of old Elyas
-bring opal eye back to obelisk and make things better

went through south door —> Rahasia and another elf chick Witch
Sleep to Me and Baik

Gavin "The cat drags you down, breathing over you "
Will “I’m alergic. I need an epi-pen.”

Septimus is charmed . . . we kill/unsummon the cat and follow into the broken wall. Rahasia touches a glowing eyed statue and collapses the other 2 indicate that Rahasia has just been posessed by the last witch. Rahasia/Witch gets up and pretends to be OK just confused then jumps on chair and disappears. We all follow and are back in the witch-coffin room with Aglar the Rahib’s body . . . FIGHT!

Tune in next week for the Finale . . .

I have amulet prot. from evil (5 rounds) and displacement potion going


Septimus the Gallant leads his favorite contestant from “The Voice” to victory over five(5) skeletons, and skeleton-like figures, during a gladiatorial deathmatch that would, and will, inspire generations.

Gavin Tries to TPK us
Lotofsnow Ryk

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