Second Exodus

Beneath the Fallen Tower Part 1

or Deep underground and still great cell service!

Following the advice of Hasan, the party sneaks back to the main level of the temple. Before long, they discover the missing talisman that, when combined with the black jade ring, forms an artifact of unknown power against evil.

Before entering the tunnel to Elyas’s tower, Ular-Taman provides the parting with a divine bless, healing their wounds and restoring their vigor.

The party carefully navigates the lower level of the tower. They are ambushed by several bandits who succumb quickly to the party’s wrath. In the twisting corridors, beyond the strange illusions and traps laid by Elyas, the party discovers the wizard’s laboratory, as well as cells, from which they rescue a young elf maid.

Further exploration reveals the tower’s library and map room. Beyond the map room, a secret door leads to a dark stairwell that descends and turns to the right.


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