Second Exodus

Bedruan's view

We headed further down into the buried ruins of the Wizard’s tower looking for Rahasia, or Hiya or whoever she is. In a large chamber with intricate carvings on the walls and a mysterious vault in the center, we found a ladder leaning against the wall. Renfro searched the wall where the ladder lay and sure enough found a secret panel.

We headed though the panel and we found the Rahib . . . and learned he was Aglar. He sat upon a throne between three caskets (presumably those of the witches) Hasan and Baik charged him while I advanced cautiously. Aglar the Rahib proceeded to lay about his with a great mace, thrashing Hasan while I leapt one of the casket to hack at my former companion. My blade landed true, but bounced back as though it had struck stone. The others’ weapons were hampered in the same fashion and our chances against such sorcery looked grim. But then Renfrow chanted an incantation locked his gaze upon Aglar, compelling our foe to ignore the rest of us.

Septimus the Blusterer shouted orders for us to trip him up and Hassan did exactly that, sprawled back on the throne and blinded by Renfrow’s enchantment we proceeded to beat him down again and again, until his protective magic failed him and he began to bleed. It was soon over.

As I examined his body after the fight, it became apparent that this was not the real Aglar for he had none of the scarring on his back that the Pain-bringer felt vindicated his twisted Faith.

A short while later, we began exploring several more rooms. In one we saw the elf maid Merissa who fled at our approach. Thinking that she was afraid of these unfamiliar armed men, I asked Hasan to head into the room to calm her. As he crossed the threshold, a panther leapt at him tearing into his flesh and spilling his blood on the floor. We slew the panther and subdued the elf who we now know to have been possessed by one of the witches. Apparently they are not still trapped as we thought.



Bedruan's view

yeah I thought that was wrong.

Bedruan's view
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